SRC Food Drive

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Spoon River College
4th Annual Food and Resources Drive
March 25–April 21, 2024

In conjunction with National Community College Month in April, Rotary Club of Canton will be hosting its fourth annual “Food and Resources Drive” through the week of April 19, 2024 to help supplement the needs of vulnerable Spoon River College students. Spoon River College Learning Resource Center student success program provides a free food and resources bank for their students. Resources include not only food, but also hygiene products and school supplies. The Rotary Club is encouraging the community to donate items at drop-off locations in the Canton area.

Many Spoon River College students in our community are struggling to make ends meet while keeping up with the demands of their school work. As many as 46% of students have reported some degree of food insecurity.

Rotary members with office locations in the area are offering to serve as drop-off spots where people can donate appropriate items. Drop-off locations include:

  • Parlin-Ingersoll Library, 205 W. Chestnut St., Canton.
  • Shelter Insurance/Todd Fletcher, 89 E. Elm St., Canton.
  • Canton Family YMCA, 1325 E. Ash St., Canton.
  • Bank of Farmington,
    Canton branch: 2115 N. Main, Canton.
    Farmington branch: 16 N. Main, Farmington.
  • Spoon River College, 23235 N. County Highway 22, Canton.
    8:00AM–3:30PM, Monday–Friday; (Pull up to centers building and drop donations at reception desk.)
  • Canton School District Administration, 20 W. Walnut St, Canton.
    • also: Lincoln School, 20 Lincoln Rd, Canton.
  • Canton Learning Collaborative, 29 East Side Square, Canton.
  • Christopher Piper, Financial Advisor/Thrivent, (our newest Canton Rotary member!), 24 E. Elm St., Canton.

Here’s a list of the items needed:

  • Pasta
  • Meat sauces (canned or plastic containers are great) for pasta
  • Canned/packaged proteins (chicken, tuna, etc.)
  • Rice meals /packages (these are easy to pair with a packaged protein to make a meal).
  • Ramen (cups and packages).
  • Breakfast items (bars, oatmeal packages).
  • Popcorn/snacks…. easy grab and go for fun.
  • Instant potatoes.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Jelly.
  • Soups.
  • Canned fruit or vegies.
  • Hygiene products: (ladies, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, etc. )
  • Simple school supplies are great too: (pencils, pens, highlighters, paper, folders, erasers).
  • If it’s easier, they can also use gift cards to Walmart, Aldi, or Kroger.

Please join us in this worthy cause by contributing whatever you can at the most convenient drop-off spot.  If you have questions on how to best participate, contact Rotary Board Member:  Mitch Williams at 309-647-3692.

Thanks for your support!